Three Time Losers - The Sewergrooves (Sweden)

Label:Estrus Records
Highlights:Whole Again
Dead Letter River
Couldíve Been Dead
Two Time Loser

Rating: 7/10

The Sewergrooves are probably best known as being the other band for Hellacopterís drummer, Robert. However, the two bands have less in common than you might initially imagine. The Sewergrooves are more punk and less rock and have a much more nosier and grungier sound, similar to bands like Mudhoney and the Wipers. Three Time Losers is a compilation of their previous three 7 inches that were originally only released in Scandinavia. This type of music just doesnít appeal to me no matter how hard I try to get into it, which is sad because the songs are quite good and the vocals of lead singer Kurt are strangely appealing. The major problem I have with the Sewergrooves sound is the shitty guitar sound, which lacks any power. Only on the track, Two Times Loser does the band approach something exceptional courtesy of some fine guitar from Andrew Shit. All in all, Three Time Losers is a frustrating record because although the band has a lot of potential, itís as if they're deliberately trying to sound shitty.

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